Are you a pastor who has a love for God, life and fellow man? You may find living in our community and serving this church, not just an opportunity, but a true pleasure! We are a medium-sized congregation in a coastal Texas community. We have varied interests, actively participate, are supportive of one another, hardworking, and fun-loving. For details see MIF #21750.AC0 or contact Mission Presbytery GP Sallie Watson at


In-Person Worship Update

Session met Thursday, January 7th, and voted to resume in-person worship beginning Sunday, January 17th.  As we move back into worship in the sanctuary, we ask that those in attendance continue to observe the six foot social distancing guidelines set up by the CDC. 

For those not yet ready to resume in-person worship, we will continue providing our on-line worship services.  See the details below.

Zoom Fellowship

We will have Zoom Fellowship time this Sunday time from 9:30am til 10:15.  Please feel free to come and go.  Say hi to your friends, have coffee, chat, and just be together on-line.  You can log on to Zoom the same way as we have in the past using this link:  If you do not already have the password, please contact the church office for this information.

After Zoom, join in our Facebook Live Worship Service!!!! 

Click the word “Facebook” in the right hand corner of this webpage to access our Facebook page.

Scroll until you see the video section.  If you are on Facebook and have already liked the church’s page, you will receive a notification that we are live streaming!

Or you can watch later on YouTube

You can access the Church’s YouTube Channel by clicking the word “YouTube” in the top right corner of this webpage. The video upload to YouTube can sometimes take a few hours.


Community Table is Back!

(Drive-thru Only)

This meal will be served via “Drive-Thru” only.  You must be present in the vehicle, with a mask, to receive a meal.  Please enter the church parking lot on the Live Oak Street side.  Drive under the carport.  Please remain in your car.  We will deliver the meal(s) to your car.  Exit on the Magnolia Street side of the parking lot.

January 19th (Sponsored by Sacred Heart Catholic Church)

Upcoming Events