Attending Church Face-to-Face

We will resume holding face-to-face worship services on Sunday, November 1, 2020.

Services will be conducted in the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center.

As we resume public worship, please know that your elders on the Session have worked through a careful process of discussion and discernment, with an abundance of caution and concern for those who are most vulnerable, upon consideration of the best scientific knowledge at our disposal, in the spirit of constant prayer, and with full trust in the grace of Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit.

As we return to face-to-face worship, we may make mistakes along the way. We may have to adjust our procedures and protocols if we find that there is a need. There will surely be awkward moments as we adjust to new protocols and practices. There will be times of frustration, disappointment, and grief. We will have countless opportunities to exercise the spiritual gifts of patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control.

But there will also be blessings. There will be wonderful surprises, great celebrations, and moments of deep satisfaction. We will get to see glimpses of the new thing God is doing, even now. We will have opportunities to savor the spiritual gifts of love, joy, peace, generosity, and faithfulness.

We will stream the in-person service via Zoom for those who choose to join worship on-line. Please do not feel pressured to attend in-person worship or to worship online. We ask that everyone prayerfully seek God’s guidance in determining how to join in worship.

Christian Friends, let us be faithful, then—to God and to one another—as we receive the gifts and work through the challenges of this time in the life of our congregation and world. Let us be guided by the Word, responsive to the Holy Spirit, and open to the grace of God. Let us remember that nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus, not even the Coronavirus.

In Christ,

The Session

FPC Rockport

In Person Building Use Policy for Worship

Adopted by the Session on Tuesday October 27th

Only the doors leading into the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center will be unlocked for worship.

The temperature of everyone entering the church will be taken by a volunteer, using a no-contact thermometer, and the maximum temperature for those4 attending is 100.4 degrees.  Attendance will be noted using list by ushers with list that also has blanks for guests.

Masks will be required for everyone entering the church’s buildings and when entering the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center and must be worn during any service in the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center and upon exiting the Family Life Center. The church will have a limited number of masks for those who do not have one when they arrive.

Hand sanitizer will be available for all to use as they come into the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center. Please use this sanitizer on your hands as you enter and leave.

As you enter the seating area, please fill in the seating from the back on the room to the front. At the end of the service, please exit the room from the front row to the back row, waiting until the row in front of you has exited the seating area.

Bulletins will be placed on the individual chairs in the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center. Please take your bulletin when you leave after the service is over.

When we celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper a sealed cup containing the bread and the juice will be found on the chairs in the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center. Please take your communion cup with you when you leave.

Those sitting in the seats must keep at least 6 feet distance to the next person, unless from the same household.

The pastor, the choir director, any soloists, and the liturgists will maintain social distancing.

Pastor Ed will not greet members as they leave following worship. Those wishing to speak with Pastor Ed should email asking to speak with him via phone, zoom or text.

During times of greetings, please remain in your seat and wave to others. While in the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center please refrain from hugging each other.

No shaking hands, physical contact or hugging will be allowed in the buildings. To limit the possible spread of Covid-19.

There should be no more than 1 person in the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center restrooms at a time.  Please spray bathroom with provided Lysol Spray/Disinfectant Spray as you leave.

Initially there will be no community singing or liturgical responses . . . there will be no hymnals and Bibles available and the lyrics to the hymns will be printed in the worship bulletin.  We encourage you to hum or sing very softly to yourself while the virtual choir is singing hymns, This part of worship will resume when deemed appropriate by CDC guidelines and approved by the Session.

Sadly, there will not be an in-person choir until this practice can be safely resumed based on CDC guidelines.

There will be no nursery available until approved by Session.

The rest of the church’s facilities will be closed off on Sunday’s until approved by Session.

In-person Sunday School will not resume until classes can be resumed safely.

There will be no coffee or food served before or after the service until approved by Session.

There will be no collection of tithes and offerings during the service by ushers. Please deposit offering in plate or basket as you enter the Miriam Ferrell Family Life Center or at the end of the service on your way out.

Zooming to Church on Sunday Morning

We will continue offering online access to our Sunday morning worship services.

Zoom meeting password is:  296251

Sunday morning fellowship @ 10:15; worship @ 10:30

The link for Sunday mornings is



Community Table is Back!

(Drive-thru Only)

This meal will be served via “Drive-Thru” only.  You must be present in the vehicle, with a mask, to receive a meal.  Please enter the church parking lot on the Live Oak Street side.  Drive under the carport.  Please remain in your car.  We will deliver the meal(s) to your car.  Exit on the Magnolia Street side of the parking lot.

November 17th  (Sponsored by the First Baptist Church)

December 1st  (Sponsored by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church)

December 15th  (Sponsored by the Lions Club)

January 5th (Sponsored by Coastal Oaks Church)

January 19th (Sponsored by Sacred Heart Catholic Church)

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