Worship Committee

First Presbyterian Church’s Fellowship Hall was a great place to gather on Sundays in July! We enjoyed a “packed house” for the July 2nd Patriotic Service with the music and singing amplified throughout the Hall! Our Sunday assemblage has been very well attended this month as we listened and absorbed Charlie’s series, “They Know We Are Christians:”. Please join us and bring your Summer guests!

Our thanks to the following who participated in July Worship Services:
Head Ushers: Janet Gaskamp,, Lois Atwood and Kenny Owens

July 2:

  • Pledge of Allegiance: SGM Ruben R. Garcia (Ret.)
  • Scripture Reader: Lois Atwood
  • Offertory: “Faith, Family, Friends & Freedom,”
  • Penny Neff, soloist
  • Music and words by Penny Neff

July 09:

  • Scripture Reader: Pati Vincent
  • Offertory: “O Mio Bambino Caro”
  • Dona Michael, Guest soloist and RFHS Choir Student
  • by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini

July 16:

  • Scripture Reader: Parkie Luce
  • Offertory: “People Need the Lord,” Merlene Flournoy, Pianist
  • Composed by Greg Nelson and Phil McHugh, Arranged by Don Wyrtzen

July 23:

  • Scripture Reader: Janet Gaskamp
  • Offertory: “Let Me Be Christ to You, ” Yvonne Jaggard and Connie Schuler, Duet

July 30:

  • Scripture Reader: Tom Jaggard
  • Special Music: “There’s Something About That Name,” Merlene Flournoy, Pianist,
  • Soloist: “Once and for All,” Natalie Bettes, Guest Soloist and RFHS Choir Student
  • Words and Music by Lauren Daigle, Paul Duncan and Paul Mabury

Our thanks to our Communion Servers:Caro Jackson, Kelly McNeely, Pete Chamberlain, Katie Henderson
Our thanks to the Communion Preparer:Veronika Camehl
Our thanks to our Wine Provider:Sally Reynolds
Our thanks to our “Door Handler/Greeter:Kim Thompson

August USHERS:Jo Smith and Nancy Melche

Our very relevant worship theme for July (THEY WILL KNOW WE ARE CHRISTIANS BY OUR LOVE) is proving to be a real inspiration and draw for members and visitors alike, and we are seeing many of you worshiping with us Sunday after Sunday – what a Joy!

We are in Fellowship Hall now in what we call Summer Worship and will continue in this setting through Labor Day weekend. We are close together, very friendly and the singing resonates beautifully as we sing familiar songs. I think people are rediscovering how to raise their voices in song, singing the songs we have picked to be sung during the summer. Charlie is challenged with finding Sundays when the nominated songs fit his sermon themes, but he said, they always seem to do that. It’s a God thing.

Come be a part of our Worship, praising God and singing all of your favorite songs. This is your chance to raise your voice in song and enjoy Pastor Charlie’s sermons up close. In the winter, only the children get to be close enough to catch every word ….. During Summer  Worship, we all get to be up close.

NOTE TO ALL: If you are finding you are still having a problem catching every word of Charlie’s message, we now have available in the Fellowship Hall a Hearing Assist system much like that in the sanctuary: a small black box with ear buds attached and private volume. Simply ask the ushers for assistance and they will get the device for you and show you how to use it.

Adelaide Marlatt
for the Worship Committee: Lois Atwood, Veronika Camehl, Mindy Durham, Kathy Green, Yvonne Jaggard,, Caro Jackson,  Adelaide Marlatt, Jad Smith, Pati Vincent, Charlie Schuler