Program Committee (Meets Second Wednesday, 4:30 PM) Areas of responsibility: Camps & Conferences; Christian Education; Community Table; Library; Mission; Nursery; Vacation Bible School; Youth Ministry Elders: Scott Hime, Tom Jaggard, Kelly McNeely


Outreach Committee (Meets Second Thursday, 4:30 PM) Area of responsibility: Evangelism Elders: Nancy Melcher, Jo Smith


In-reach Committee (Meets First Thursday, 9:30 AM) Areas of responsibility: Member Care; Home, Hospital and Nursing Home Visitation Elders: Lois Atwood, Janet Gaskamp, Adelaide Marlatt    


Worship Committee (Meets Second Thursday, 5:00 PM) Areas of responsibility: Greeters; Music; Pulpit Supply; Sacraments; Ushers Elders: Lois Atwood, Veronika Camehl, Kathy Green, Adelaide Marlatt, Pati Vincent


Operations Committee (Meets Third Thursday, 5:00 PM) Areas of responsibility: Maintenance & Repair; Finance; Grounds; Insurance; Memorials and Honorary Gifts; Personnel; Stewardship Elders: Dwight Edens, Kathy Green, Ken Owens, Sally Reynolds