OutREACH Committee


Reaching Out to Visitors

The colorful “Hi Neighbor” cards were mailed to 3 Rockport subdivisions in July: Rockport Country Club, Whistler’s Cove and Country Club Square. Many visitors, both local and out of town, continue to join us during our summer services.

Reaching Out to the Community

First Presbyterian church has been the Charter Sponsor of Scout Troop 49 for over 60 years, and the Troop was first established in Rockport in 1931. Thanks to John Jackson, Penny Neff, Holly Hamilton and newspaper Reporter Donna Woolston, a special article will be published in the Rockport Pilot soon and will include the history of Troop 49, events in scouting, and recognition of past and present Troop 49 Scouts.
REACH OUT in different ways and positive results happen.