Message from Pastor Charlie 9/3/2017

For Sunday, September 03, 2017

Read Exodus 3:1-15 (or listen to the girls read it on Melissa Myers’ Facebook page)

God called Moses to a task that clearly seemed impossible to accomplish. Moses was sure he needed more: more information, more authority, more something, maybe more everything. God had to remind Moses that he was not facing his task alone, that there was One who was with him, One who has more than enough, One who is everything. Moses had to learn it was time to let go of life as he had known it and embrace a whole new set of realities and possibilities. And it was not easy, and neither did it end quickly.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we are faced with what seems an impossible task. We need more, so much more, so much more of everything, and at times it seems like nothing will ever be enough.

So we are reminded, with Moses, that we are not alone in facing this terrible task: there is One who is with us, One who has more than enough, One who is, and will always be, everything to us and for us.

We face cleanup and recovery, and the establishment of a “new normal.” God is calling us to a new life, post-Harvey life, to new ways to be and do church, new ways to be and do community. We want more: we want the way through sorted out, logical, definitive, clear cut. God calls us to be faithful, to trust that God is enough, that together as the people of God we will find our way through the wilderness to the new place to which God is calling and leading us.

It will not be easy, and it will not end quickly, but this is a journey of faith, and signs of hope are all around us to lift that faith when it lags. Our church still stands, and is still the place to turn for help, and perhaps will shine even more brightly in the days ahead. Meanwhile, remember that nothing, not even this, can separate us from the love of God that we know in Jesus Christ!