Introducing Our New Minister

We welcome Reverend Kurt Simon, wife Tanya, and their four children to not only our church, but to the Rockport community.  Pastoral duties will begin mid-February.

Reverend Simon is currently pastor of two churches in rural Ilinois communities, where he has served for the past twenty-one years.

Reverend Simon is the son of a presbyterian minister and has a BA in Psychology, an MDiv. from Dubuque Presbyterian Theological Seminary and was ordained December 1, 2001.  He is a member of both the Commission on Ministry and Ministerial Alliance in his Presbytery.

Reverend Simon is experienced as a marriage and family therapist, hospital chaplain, and holds certifications in alcohol, drug and mental health counseling. He has also served as a supervisor/mentor to local hospital therapists.

When asked what he is looking for in a congregation, Reverend Simon replied, “I look to serve a congregation that loves to find the humorous side of life and isn’t afraid to laugh.  I look to serve a congregation that isn’t afraid to discuss the weighty issues of our day and respect the opinions of all involved even if we don’t come to a consensus. I feel called to a church that loves being a church and loves being with one another in the presence of our Risen Lord.”

People who know Reverend Simon, describe him as compassionate, personable, welcoming, inclusive and genuine.  He is further described as a person with a sense of humor, one who draws others to him, has a strong faith, preaches the gospel, and is a “good man.”

Members of the Pastoral Nominating Committee and the entire congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Rockport are very happy to welcome Reverend Simon and his family.

Submitted by

Susan O’Bryant and Connie Schuler