InReach Committee News – August 2017

By the time you read this, we will have hosted our third In-reach Committee Ice Cream social, which again provided us with Fun, Fellowship and delicious floats, sundaes and Ice cream & cookies. When we had our fill of goodies, we played card games, or other easier games, or just enjoyed visiting. We refer to this as “another way to catch up on how people on our prayer list are doing or a new vacationing member was doing while on vacation.” They were great fun this summer. We hope you enjoyed them as well.

Getting to know your IN-REACH COMMITTEE

As you know the In-reach committee is the team that focuses on the Body Life of our members – what we do for and with each other, other than worship. How we support each other, and enjoy time together studying about our relationship with God, or just visiting, enjoying the company of one another. In the support area …

  • Committee members provided at home communion for several members this month and visited shut-ins working in conjunction with our shepherding groups. If you know someone who is ill or shut-in and feel they might be interested in having our communion team come in and visit with them, let us know. This is a service we offer our members and visiting friends.
  • This month, the other fellowship opportunities included, VBS, Men’s fellowship and the Women’s Salad luncheon. If you missed them, don’t feel left out. Men’s Breakfast is the 3rd Wednesday at 7am (bright and early) and the Women’s luncheon was a spin-off of the 2nd Sunday Lunch and other PW activities that are on vacation during the summer through August.
  • Don’t forget to browse through the online monthly calendar, which is separate from the Newsletter (and always current.) In it you will also see 1st Pres. is in charge of Castaways on Monday and spends Thursday morning sorting and pricing items getting them ready for sale.
  • The activities are happening…… all you need to do is choose the one that fits your talents. Remember the parable, we have to use our talents, or they might just disappear!

So get in the swim, enjoy meeting your worship partners, and build stronger relationships and support groups within our 1st Pres. family. This is what makes being a part of 1st Pres. so meaningful. We do many things in the 1st Pres family to make life in the community and within our own congregation better. Come, reach In and be a part of whatever you see that you think you will enjoy and let us know if you are in need of care, support, etc from us. That is what makes 1st Pres great, WE CARE ABOUT YOU.

If you had a July birthday, Happy Birthday – hope it was or will be a great day marking the beginning of an exciting year!

The In-Reach Team:

Janet Gaskamp, Lois Atwood & Adelaide Marlatt, B. J. Eden, Ann Knox-Smith & Pastor Charlie