Complete list of PRAYER CONCERNS AND CELEBRATIONS Through 07/07/17

Please include these individuals in your Prayers of Intercession AND notify the church office of any needed changes.

Members At Home: Al Chalkley (heart,) Daniel Garcia (Multiple Myeloma cancer,) Ray Ingersoll (COPD,) Charlie Schuler; Ed & Lou Fegley (Manfield, TX,) Penney Clarke (Work.)  Reed Marton (pending heart surgery.)

Members In Nursing or Care Centers:  Lois Harrington, Pat Baugh (Gulf Pointe Village;) Berta Little (The Solana at Cinco Ranch, Houston;) Patrick Turley Brown (Memory Care at Westover Hills, San Antonio,) Lola Smith (Oak Crest.)

Prayers for our Troops: Capt. Brandon Glass (Karen Glass’ son, Kay Patteson’s grandson,) CW4 Todd Jacobson, (Bev Jacobson’s son;) Wyatt Curtiss Starr (Germany)(VeeAnn Wright’s grandson;) brothers AD2 Taylor Jordan (Japan) and PFC Shiloh Jordan (M/M Daniel Garcia’s grandson/Ruben Garcia’s nephews.) Airman Becca Harris (Annette Ledbetter’s daughter;)

Concerns for extended Family and Friends:










K, L

M, Mc



S, T Mike Shedden, (Debbie Shedden’s husband)

U, V, W




June 30 through July 6, Including Sunday, July 2, 2017

Prayer Concerns:  Mrs. Scotty Kautz, at the loss of her son Mike who passed away unexpectedly Monday, July 3.  Scotty is friends of Mike and Kathy Henderson.

Prayer Comforter Ministry for:    Ernest and Veronika’s daughter in law and son, Camille and Kelen Camehl, who lost their baby, Conner Alexander on July 5.  Camille was 26 weeks into her pregnancy.   John and Carolyn Watters friend, Brad Guion, who contracted Vibrio, the flesh eating bacteria while fishing near Rockport.  He has been moved to Galveston where his condition is grave.   Nikki Daniels sister, 85-year old Carol  Carlson, must be out of her California apartment by August 1 because she can no longer afford the rent.  She has nowhere to go.  Prayer Comforter MUST be mailed on Monday while she still has an address.