August — 2nd Sunday, Fellowship Lunch is …

~ Mexican Potluck ~

It has been said the Mexican culture is perhaps one of the most fascinating worldwide. The mixture of strong native legends, artistic expressions and Spanish culture elements make it unique. The Mexican food style is very earthy, humble, and rich in flavors because they use a wide range of ingredients from all over the country. Did you know Mexico can be classified by region based on their indigenous foods?

Next time you make your favorite Mexican recipe, here’s where it may well have originated:

  1. The Northern region is well-known for meat and cheeses;
  2. The North-Pacific coast grows more fruit and vegetables;
  3. The Bajio region contains more rice, pork, and sausages;
  4. The South-Pacific coast growing a large variety of chili pepper, chicken, and cheese;
  5. The Southern region is known for corn and spices;
  6. The Gulf region has corn and vanilla.

So make that favorite Mexican recipe, plop on a Sombrero, pull on a poncho and come GET FESTIVE!!!

Join us in the Youth Center following the 10:30 Worship Service on August 13 for fun-filled Fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

The first Women’s Fun Luncheon was a success!!!

19 ladies came July 19th and brought wonderful dishes.

Just visiting and sharing recipes was the order of the day … and exactly what we wanted it to be.

We will be having these every other month so our next one will be held in September.

Join us and Let’s fill up The Cafe this time!!!!